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The main objective of the current contents service (CCS) is to inform the library readers about journals received in the library. Provision of this service is very important especially for the special and academic libraries that acquire hundreds of research journals for providing fresh information to researchers. It is un-denying fact that journals portray current information on the latest research. This current contents volume consists of content pages of the journals on various subjects.

Please click on the following links to download the Journal Content Page:

A Bi-Annual Journal Of Agricultural Science & Technology,Vol.LXVIII No.1,July-2012

A Bi-Annual Journal Of Agricultural Science & Technology,Vol. LXX NO-1,July- 2014

A Bi-Annual Journal of Agricultural Science & Technology,Vol.LXIX No.2,January-2015

Asian Journal of Home Science,Volume 9,Issue 1,June 2014

CIAE Annual report 2013-14

Engineering & Technology In India,Vol-6,Issue-1,April 2015

Entamon,Vol-38,September 2013,No-3

Entomon,Vol.38,December 2013,No.4

Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics,Vol-70,No.1,Jan-March 2015

Indian Journal of Community Medicine,vol-40,Issue-2,April-June 2015

Indian Journal of Community Medicine,Volume 40,Issue 4,Oct-Dec 2015

International Journal of Food Engineering,Vol-11,Issue-3,2015

International Journal of Intelligent Information Processing,Vol-9,No-1,January-June 2015

International Journal of Marketing and Human Resource Development,Volume 5,Number 1,Jan-June 2015

ISA Indian Science Abstract,Volume 51,No. 15,1st August 2015

ISH Journal of hydraulic engineering,Vol-19,No.1,March-2013

ISH Journal of Hydraulic engineering,Vol-19,no.3,Sept 2013

Journal for the Study of the Old Testament- Volume 39.3 March 2015

Journal for the Study of the Old Testament- Volume 39.4 June 2015

Journal of Engineering for gas turbines & Power.Vol 136,No.1,Jan 2014

Journal of Finance and Accounting,Volume 2,Jan-June 2015,Issue 1

Journal of Forensic Sciences,Volume 60,Number 1,January 2015

Journal of Forensic Sciences.Vol.60, No.2,March-2015

Journal of Indian water resources society,Vol-35,No-1,Jan-2015

Journal of Indian Water resources society,Vol-35,no.2,April 2015

Journal of Materials Design & applications vol-229,Feb 2015, ISSN 1464-4207

Journal of Social Sciences,Volume 42,Number 3

Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing.Vol.43,Issue-1

Journal of transportation engineering,Vol-139,No.11,Nov-2013

The Mysore Journal of Agriculture Sciences,Volume 49(2),April-June 2015

Note: More content pages will be added as soon as the processing of the journals is done.

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