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Sports and games
Sports and Games play an important role in human resource development. Besides producing top class athletes, Sports and Games are essential for promoting health, physical fitness and quality of life improving the physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual development of the student. Sports and Games are conducted throughout the academic session. All the students of this University are divided into four houses :-
Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink

Inter House tournaments for all the games are organized for both boys and girls separately. Apart from Inter House tournaments, District tournaments and Open tournaments of every games/ sports are organized as per the Sports Calendar. Annual athletics meet comprising various field and track events is organized to motivate students in the area of physical fitness and to encourage them in taking up challenges. An Athletic Committee, headed by the Chairman athletics Committee, is formed by the competent authority for governing and controlling the Sports and Games activities of the University. The Committee is assisted by the Department of Physical Education.

The University strives towards excellence in teaching-learning with relevant curriculum and innovative research, promoting good governance and inclusiveness by providing leadership for a knowledge society. Plan, create and establish a holistic sports complex, in the Campus by constructing athletic and other games facilities of national standards including swimming pools, outdoor and indoor sports and traditional Indian games is envisioned. To protect, sustain and enhance sports culture, prepare sports persons for modern competitive sports and games, and share knowledge, wisdom and futuristic vision with gen-next remains the vision of athletics committee, SHIATS. We are committed for excellence for sports.

The Objectives and Goals of the Sports Division of SHIATS are as followes:
1) To design and teach curriculum that is contemporary, competitive and content-rich to make students creative, knowledgeable with sportsman sprit.
2) To provide infrastructure resources to facilitate access, equity and harmony both for students and faculty.
3) To make administration efficient, transparent and adaptable to achieve the targets of wining more medals/place in various National tournament/meets.

S.No. Game/Sport No. of Ground/Court
1. Football 2
2. Cricket 1 ground, 3 cemented pitches
3. Badminton 1 synthetic, 2 cemented, 1 mud court
4. Volleyball 2
5. Kabaddi 2
6. Kho-Kho 1
7. Basketball 2
8. Hockey 1
9. Table Tennis 4 Tables
10. Tennis 1
11. 400 meters Standard Track 1
12. Gymnasium 1

Athletics Committee
Core Committee (Athletics Committee)
Sports and games have been a very distinctive feature of SHIATS-DU. The Deemed University is known not only for its high academic standards but also for excellent performance of its sportsmen and women in various games and sports events. Deemed University has been a nursery of outstanding sportsmen and players, and has maintained this interest and tradition with fervor among students and staff. The affairs of sports and games on campus are under the auspices of the Athletic Committee. Having produced good sportsmen and women, Athletic Committee organizes sports events and projects for both new as well as continuing student as per the sports calendar.

Sl.No NAME Designation Member Ship
1. Prof. (Dr.) P. J. George Professor, Dept. of Agronomy Chairman
2. Er. C.J. Wesley Dy. Registrar (CRP) Vice Chairman
3. Dr. Sunita B. John Head, Dept. of Physical Education Member Secretary
4. Dr. DevarajBadugu Asso. Professor, JSBS Member
5. Dr. (Mrs.) Samala S. Masih Asstt. Professor, ASE Member

Working Committee (Athletics Committee)
Sl.No. NAME Designation Membership
1. Prof. (Dr.) Tarence Thomas Asso. Professor, Dept. of SWLE Member
2. Dr. (Mrs.) Eugenia P. Lal Asso. Professor, SBS Member
3. Dr. Santosh K. Srivastava Asso. Professor, VSAET Member
4. Dr. Vikram Singh Asstt. Professor, VSAET Member
5. Dr. (Mrs.) Sushma Asstt Professor, JSBB Member
6. Dr. Priyanka Singh Asstt. Professor, CSHSS Member
7. Ms. NishaChacko Asstt. Professor, Ethelind School of Home Science Member
8. Mr. Indresh B. Rajwade Asstt. Professor, Dept. of CS Member
9. Er. Ashok Asstt. Professor, Dept. of ECE Member
10. Dr. S.G.M. Prasad Asso. Professor, WSFDT Member
11. Dr. Rampal Singh Asstt. Professor, SSAH&D Member
12. Er. Amit William Asstt. Professor, SFMC Member
13. Dr. Vikas Kumar Asstt. Professor, Faculty of Health Science Member
14. Mr. Manish Roy Tirkey Asstt. Professor, JSBS Member
15. Dr. Sam Peedikayil Mathew Dy. Registrar (Theo.), GPST Member
16. Mr. Ajay Kumar Asstt. Professor, Department of Physical Education Member
17. Mr. Ashish Massey Asstt. Professor, Department of Physical Education Member
18. Mr. Anil Singh Workshop Manager Member
19. Col. H.K.S Mehta Chief Security Officer Member